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Important: Financial Spreads is not currently offering any trading services.

Financial Spreads Affiliates

Financial Spreads Affiliates

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Important Notes

We do assist affiliates as much as possible by offering generous terms, user offers, regularly updated adverts, interactive trading examples and simple descriptions you can copy and paste etc. However please note:
  • Unfortunately we do not accept applications from incentive sites or sites that primarily promote free gifts, cashback, vouchers etc

  • Unfortunately we do not accept applications websites which do not have appropriate audiences for financial spread betting and CFD trading e.g. fashion, travel, celebrity etc.

  • We do not accept applications from websites where the audience is primarily under 18 years of age

  • All advertising regarding Financial Spreads must be compliant with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines. All graphics / text / HTML etc made available to affiliates via the Financial Spreads Affiliate Scheme on TradeDoubler will be compliant with the FCA Guidelines. See below for more information

Important Regulatory Information

We must ensure that our banners, editorial, offers, emails and any other advertising / promotional material are clear, fair and not misleading.

The FCA provides strict guidelines on how to promote financial spread betting products and we have endeavoured to interpret these for you. Please see Advertising and Promotional Guidelines for full details.

By promoting Financial Spreads, you accept our terms and conditions, including but not limited to, the Keyword Bidding Policy and the Advertising and Promotional Guidelines. Financial Spreads reserve the right to remove sales and commissions from any affiliate found in breach of this policy.

Important: Financial Spreads is not currently offering any trading services.

Spread betting and CFD trading carry a high level of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial deposit so you should ensure spread betting and CFD trading meet your investment objectives and if necessary seek independent advice. Stops are automatically allocated to each trade and if triggered are subject to market gaps unless you specified for your trade to be guaranteed.

* Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may change in the future.

Financial Spreads is owned by Clear Investor Ltd., 15 Weller Street, Borough, London, SE1 1QU.